(The Mumbai heat is on, but don’t let it melt your plans! This summer, Mumbai’s restaurants are your coolest escape. From refreshing mango creations to light and flavorful options, there’s something for every summer craving. So get ready to embark on a delicious culinary adventure with the hottest summer menus from Mumbai’s most loved dining hot spots)


MUMBAI, 18 APRIL 2024:

Neuma, Colaba: Craving a taste of summer? Neuma’s menu is bursting with fresh, seasonal flavours. From the tangy Aamras Jalapeno Gazpacho to the sweet and savoury Mango Brie Sourdough, their dishes are a celebration of mango in all its forms.  For a lighter option, try the Mango & Salmon Carpaccio or the Mango Avocado Toast. If you’re looking for something more substantial, the Grilled Habanero Chicken with Mango and Mango Prawn Curry are sure to please your taste buds. And no summer meal is complete without dessert – Neuma’s Mango Cream Cheese Pizza with Butterscotch and Salted Caramel, or the Mango Cilantro Chilly Cheesecake are the perfect way to end your meal on a refreshing note.

The Nines, Juhu: Escape the Mumbai heat in style at The Nines, Juhu’s avant-garde culinary haven. This summer, their cocktail menu isn’t just an afterthought – it’s a vibrant celebration of the season in a glass. Dive into the Mango Picante, a bold and beautiful concoction that blends the sweetness of fresh mango puree with the fiery kick of tequila. This tropical explosion is guaranteed to awaken your taste buds and cool you down on a scorching summer day. Feeling adventurous? Opt for the Papaya Sunset. This refreshing cocktail features a delightful harmony of house-made papaya and litchi syrups, perfectly balanced with the smooth notes of whiskey. A touch of dehydrated lime adds a sophisticated touch, making this a summer cocktail that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. So head to The Nines for a taste of summer with every sip!

Si Nonna’s, Lower Parel, BKC, Andheri, Vashi and Kurla: Craving Authentic Italian Sourdough Pizza This Summer? Head to Si Nonna’s! Si Nonna’s caters to all dietary preferences with their summer menu. Vegetarians can indulge in the Veg Special, featuring a vibrant combination of tomato sauce, black olive pate, fior di latte cheese, and a delightful mix of onion, sundried tomatoes, green chillies, and fresh basil. Vegans can enjoy a delicious and satisfying pizza with the Vegan Special, topped with tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella cheese, kalamata olives, pickled paprika, and a touch of onion for extra flavour. Meat lovers won’t be disappointed either! The Meat Special offers a classic combination of tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese, roasted chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and a touch of creamy mascarpone cheese, finished with spicy EVOO and fresh basil for a burst of flavour. So ditch the summer heat and head to Si Nonna’s for an authentic Italian pizza experience!

Ditas, Lower Parel: Ditas, the European & Continental culinary haven, introduces its all-new summer menu, featuring a burst of fresh, seasonal flavours that will leave you refreshed and craving more! From light and refreshing salads bursting with crisp, seasonal produce to light munchies and hearty mains that evoke the essence of a sweet picnic on a sunny day, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Take your pick from the super salad MELON FETA ARUGULA made with yubari melon, berries vinaigrette, feta, jalapenos, and balsamic reduction. Indulge in the bite-sized appetizers, ranging from TEX MEX NACHOS made with pica di Gallo, beans sofrito, cheese fondue and guacamole or OPEN BAO available in both veg & non-veg or dig in BEER BATTER FISH N CHIPS prepared with coleslaw, tartar sauce served with french fries at the side. Don’t forget to satiate those heat pangs with the large plates, choose from BURRATA RIGATONI with semi-dried tomatoes, rose wine and parmesan shavings or the tender CHICKEN KATSU prepared with Japanese katsu sauce, fried chicken and herb rice. Once you’ve had your fill of the delicious menu, let your sweet tooth taste the flavour of the season and the special dessert of the king of all fruits- MANGO MERVEILLEUX made with a fusion of mango mousse, passion fruit pate and topped with mango ice-cream.

Blue Bop Cafe, Khar: The Blue Bop Cafe, Khar is serving up a taste of the tropics with their vibrant summer menu! Mango takes centre stage across their offerings, from refreshing salads like the Mango Salad and Mango Shrimp Salad to lip-smacking tacos like the Mango and Peri Peri Chicken Tacos. Craving a heartier meal?  Their Mango Burrito Bowls come in Veg and Grilled Chicken options, or you can try the unique Grilled Chicken with Roasted Mango Puree & Curry Leaves. For seafood fans, the Raw Mango Fish Curry offers a tangy twist on a classic dish. And no summer experience is complete without dessert! The Blue Bop Cafe doesn’t disappoint with its mango-infused options like Fresh Mango Baked Cheesecake, Mango Tres Leches, and the playful Mango Flower Pot. They even have a Vegan, Sugar-Free, and Gluten-Free Mango Tart for those with dietary restrictions. Wash it all down with a refreshing mango cocktail! Choose from the elegant Mango & Lemongrass Martini, the fiery Spicy Mango Margarita, or the non-alcoholic options like the Mango Mojito, Creamy Mango & Mint, or Mango Refresher. The Blue Bop Cafe, Khar has everything you need to cool down and celebrate the season!

Sante Spa, BKC: Craving healthy and delicious vegetarian fare this summer? Look no further than Sante Spa Cuisine in BKC, Mumbai! This culinary paradise is dedicated to promoting healthy and sustainable dining. Sip on a refreshing Mango Colada, made with real mango pulp. Experience a spicy twist on sushi with The Spicy Mango Nigiri Dynamite features thinly sliced mango and a touch of togarashi spice for a delightful kick. For those who crave a light and zesty salad, the Thai Spiced Mango Salad is a perfect option. And to end your meal on a healthy and sweet note, try the creamy Mango Chia Fool, made with coconut cream, coconut milk, and fresh mangoes, or go for the indulgent Baked Mango Rasmalai, made with homemade Rasmalai for a truly decadent experience. Sante Spa’s summer menu offers something for everyone, all while promoting healthy and sustainable choices.

Amazonia, BKC: Amazonia offers a cool and delicious escape!  This chic restaurant boasts a captivating Amazonian vibe, perfect for a tranquil summer evening. The real star, though, is their summer menu!  Beat the heat with refreshing options like the Amazonia Mango Ensalada or opt for the cool and flavorful Avocado on Toast with a touch of spice. Looking for a sushi fix? They offer classic rolls alongside their signature Amazonia Special Roll. Don’t forget to indulge in the decadent Pistachio Tres Leches, a rich sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk and adorned with nutty pistachios.  So ditch the summer heat and dive into a delicious escape at Amazonia, BKC.

Bayroute, BKC, Powai, Cuffe Parade, Lower Parel & Juhu: Dive into summer sweetness at Bayroute’s Mango Festival! This Middle Eastern restaurant is celebrating the season’s star fruit with a limited-time menu bursting with mango magic. Beat the heat with refreshing beverages like the Kaccha Mango Kooler, a vodka-infused concoction with a minty fizz, or the creamy Mango Laban, a blend of sweet mango pulp and Greek Yoghurt. Feeling nostalgic? Take a trip down memory lane with the Ratnagiri Aamras Rita, a reimagined classic featuring the sweetness of Ratnagiri mangoes with a tequila kick. And don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note! Bayroute’s mango desserts are pure indulgence – from the creamy Mango Baklava Cheesecake to the layered Chia Mango Trifle and the unique Mango Upside Down Cake. Each dish is a celebration of summer’s bounty, showcasing the natural sweetness of mangoes with Bayroute’s signature flair.

Baliboo, Goregaon: Beat the summer heat with Baliboo’s vibrant mango menu! This tropical escape features refreshing takes on classic dishes. Dive into the tangy delight of a raw Mango Somtam, or savour the sweet and savoury combination of Mango Fried Chicken Bao. Vegetarians can rejoice with Mockduck Mango Tacos or a Raw Mango Curry with steamed jasmine Rice(available with paneer, chicken, or fish). Looking for a light and flavorful main course? Try the Grilled Salmon with Couscous, or opt for the Raw Mango Chicken Tikka bursting with fresh flavours. End your meal on a sweet note with the creamy Mango Panna Cotta or the decadent Mango Pull Me Up cake. Let Baliboo transport you to a taste of summer paradise!

Cray Craft, Andheri: Don’t settle for an ordinary dining experience – treat yourself to an unforgettable one at Cray Craft! Their new summer menu is nothing short of a sensational summer fiesta. Start with a refreshing Queens Salad or fiery Jalapeno Popper Corn Fritters. Feeling fancy? Indulge in Baked Smoked Salmon. Savour the juicy Thai Chicken Popsicles, relish the succulent Roasted Coconut Shrimp, or let the Spice Roasted Red Snapper set your taste buds ablaze. Cool down with a vibrant mocktail like Green Lagoon or Tropical Breeze, or escape with a Tropical Paradise or Tango cocktail. Round off your meal with stunning desserts like Tastes like Sunshine, Golden Summer and Viva La Fiesta.

This summer treat your taste buds to delectable eats amidst some amazing ambience that the above restaurants have to offer.



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