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* G. Kishan Reddy addressed side events on Cruise tourism and Circular Economy of Plastics in tourism sector

*Cruise passenger traffic grew from 1.26 lakhs in 2015-16 to 4.68 lakhs in 2019-20: Shri G.K Reddy

*Cruise tourism holds immense potential not only for Goa but for the entire country in fostering economic growth: Shripad Yesso Naik


KOLKATA, 19 JUNE 2023:

Central  government  to harness the power of tourism to boost Coastal tourism, Beach tourism, Light-house tourism and Cruise tourism. GoI is dedicated to developing infrastructure for Ports, Domestic & International Cruise Terminals, Lighthouse water crimes, river cruise circuits etc under the initiatives like Sagar Mala & Swadesh Darshan, says union toursim minister, Mr. G.Kishan Reddy today.

Fourth Tourism Working Group of G20 began in Goa with two important side events today. The events were graced by Union Minister for Culture, Tourism and DoNER , Mr. G. Kishan Reddy, Minister of State for Tourism, Mr. Shripad Yesso Naik; Minister of Tourism in Goa, Mr. Rohan Khaunte; Secretary Tourism Ms V. Vidyavathi also  graced the occasion.

The first side event was organised on the theme ‘Making Cruise Tourism a Model for Sustainable and Responsible Travel’. Addressing the side event on Cruise Tourism, Mr. G. Kishan Reddy said that Goa is a perfect blend of Sun, Sand and Sea and everyone should experience this beautiful state of India. He said the warmth and fun-loving people of Goa celebrate life with Delightful Music and Delicious food.

He said that  India’s 7,500 Km long coastline makes her a leader  in  the  maritime  sector and our rich maritime history is evident   from the  sphere  of influence that India’s civilisation and culture has been able to create  across Asia. It includes kingdom of Champa in today’s Vietnam and also India’s trade with Africa through the port of Mombasa.

He also said  that India’s  long  coast,  is not only a key lever, for building trade  and  growing   our exports,   but  also  an opportunity  to  promote  tourism and India’s  long  and  scenic  coastline  provides  access to several ports, natural beaches, and beautiful  Islands .

He also highlighted that the cruise passenger traffic grew from 1.26 lakhs in 2015-16 to 4.68 lakhs in 2019-20. He also said that cruise vessel traffic increased from 128 in 2015-16 to 451 in 2019-20.

He further said that  Indian cruise tourism is like peace   far away,  from  the  stress  of  life and experiencing  life through  natural surroundings.He also said that Indian Cruise Tourism, offers something for everyone in the family. Cruise tourism appeals , to those looking for multi-generational  travel  options.

The Union Minister added, “Today 73% of cruise travellers are sailing with family members, that represent at least two generations.”

He also informed that the Ministry of Tourism, through  the Central Financial Assistance Scheme has been supporting Tourism  Infrastructure  Development  for Developing  ports  and  cruise Terminals, Development  of  Light-houses, Purchase of  ferries , Development  of  river cruise circuits .

He further said that the Ministry of Ports Shipping and Waterways is also working towards the development of dedicated terminals for cruise passengers and cruise vessels.

Shri G.K Reddy also informed that a  dedicated task force has been formulated   on  Cruise Tourism jointly  by  the Ministry of Tourism and  the  Ministry of  Shipping.

He also said that Waterdromes  at 16 locations are being developed  to  enable  seaplane operations and    are also aiming at domestic and international cruise terminal development at selected ports by  2023.   

He further said that the central government is   working  for  the upgradation and  modernisation of the Ports, rationalisation – of  port  fees, removing  ousting   charges, granting  priority  berthing  to cruise ships, providing e-visa facilities etc, to promote Cruise Tourism in India.

The promotion  of  coastal tourism  through Beach  tourismLighthouse tourismand Cruise tourism,will help communities   such as fishing communities, to find other livelihood  opportunities and supplement  their existing  income , added Shri G Kishan Reddy. The Minister disclosed that GoI has drawn up a programme for developing tourism in the land next to more than 75 light-houses.

He also highlighted the fact that through  the Namami Ganga Mission, the Government has spent more than 4.3 billion US Dollar which is  35,414 crore and clean rivers, will also ensure potential   for tourist  activities  such  as Cruise Tourism.

On the occasion Shripad Yesso Naik said that the event has shed light on the immense potential  that cruise tourism has and its achievement across the world. He also added that Goa has something for everyone from backpackers to a luxury traveller. He said that the architecture of Goa is a fusion of captivating Portuguese Bungalows and modern hotels. He also added that Goa is also known for its internationally renowned festivals like Goa Carnival, sunburn festival which attract tourists from across the world. These show the rich cultural tapestry of the state and provide visitor with unforgettable experience. He also added that Cruise tourism holds immense potential not only for  Goa tourism but for the entire country  as it provides employment opportunities, add to tax revenue and fostering  economic growth.

At the event , In the presence of  Tourism Minister, Mr. G Kishan Reddy, Ministry of Tourism  today signed an MoU with Airbnb to jointly promote heritage homesteads.

The second side event was organised on the theme ‘Towards a circular economy of Plastics in Tourism -The global Tourism Plastic initiative’. Addressing the meeting , Mr. G.K Reddy quoting from Atharva Veda said “The earth is our Mother and we are her Children”. He also said that Indian philosophy and lifestyle have always been rooted in the concept of coexistence with nature and we belong to a civilisation where sustainability and environment protection is an integral part of our ethos”.

He further highlighted that over the last nine years, under PM  Narendra Modi’s leadership, India has emerged as a global leader in supporting sustainable and inclusive growth.


He also said that sustainability is a key driver of conscious and responsible hospitality and when we talk about Sustainable Tourism,

People and planet first; Decarbonization of destinations ; Empowering Entrepreneurs should be prioritised.

He also added that there are approximately 30,000 Yuva Tourism Clubs in India, with membership ranging from fourth-graders to college students and these clubs will promote responsible tourism practices, renew interest in sustainable tourism, re-emphasise the initiatives of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat and Dekho apna Desh.

Mr. G.K Reddy also informed that the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India’s National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism and Swadesh Darshan 2.0 initiative have laid down the guidelines  for management of plastic waste in the tourism sector.

He also urged that G20 countries together should take concrete steps to contribute to reducing plastic with the ethos of ‘mindful and sustainable consumption.


At the second side event an MOU was signed between the Central Nodal Agency, Sustainable Tourism, RTSOI and Punjab Tourism Board in the presence of Minister, Mr. G. Kishan Reddy, to collectively unite and address plastic pollution in the tourism sector.

Panel discussions were also held in each of the side events with sharing of experiences, best practices, suggestions, way forward  and usefulness of fostering  partnerships. Special sessions on Gender balance in Cruise tourism, Developing India as a hub of Cruise Tourism and Global perspective on cruise Tourism were organised. On the occasion Goa tourism gave a detailed presentation- Pearl of the Orient, highlighting the unique features of Goa tourism and its potential.



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