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Taki, a hidden gem on the map of West Bengal, is a town that promises tranquility and a slice of authentic rural India. Situated along the banks of the Ichamati River, Taki offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. On this journey, we invite you to explore the beauty, history, and culture of this charming town, where time seems to slow down.

As you arrive in Taki, the Ichamati River welcomes you with open arms. The town’s picturesque riverfront is a sight to behold. A leisurely stroll along the riverbank allows you to savor the beauty of the lush greenery, the gentle flow of the river, and the occasional boat gliding by. Taki is the perfect place to escape the chaos and simply breathe in the fresh, riverside air.

So on the auspicious day of Bijoya Dashami, I left the city and traveled to Taki. You can take the road or the rail to travel to Taki from Kolkata. I took the rail. Boarding the local train from Ballygunge station , it took us approximately 2 hrs to reach Taki. On that very day the train was filled with tourists traveling to Taki. Soon I understood that for a lot of people traveling to Taki on Bijoya Dashami is more of a ritual now. I met couples who have been traveling on this very day every year for the past 30 years. I reached there by the afternoon. Reached the shore , picked a spot by the river wall and shared the moment of “ Bishorjon” with hundreds of other people.

Taki boasts a rich historical heritage. The town is dotted with old temples, palaces, and colonial- era buildings that reflect the confluence of indigenous and British influences. The Rajbari Palace, a splendid colonial structure, stands as a testament to the town's historical significance.

Explore the intricate architecture and delve into the tales of the past.

No journey is complete without sampling the local cuisine. Taki offers a unique Bengali culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds. Savor mouth watering dishes such as fresh river fish  curry, ‘Shorshe Ilish’, and delectable sweets like ‘Rasgulla’. The blend of flavors will leave you craving for more. Taki has emerged into wonderful tourist spots. Many tourists book guest houses or even hotels to come and enjoy the confluence of the two bengals , with local delicacies.

Nature enthusiasts will find Taki a paradise for birdwatching. The tranquil surroundings of the Ichamati River and its adjacent wetlands make it a haven for various avian species. Wake up early, and you’ll be rewarded with the melodious tunes of birds, including the elusive and vibrant kingfishers.

Taki’s warm and welcoming residents add a special charm to your visit. Engage with the locals, hear their stories, and immerse yourself in their daily life. The town's close-knit community is known for its vibrant cultural celebrations, such as Durga Puja, which you might be fortunate enough to witness, as I was, Taki is that one place where you see the localities from both India and Bangladesh meet in the middle, as they both emerge Maa Durga. Talking to the localities , I painted a picture of how it used to be, boats coming from both sides, with Indian and Bangladeshi flags swarming in the wind. It was an annual day of exchanging sweets and gifts and hugs. Unfortunately the same view is not found now, due to embedded laws, Bangladeshi boats do not come along the border anymore, but the people are still there , small silhouettes of colorful bodies lined up by the river wall.

The Ichamati River also serves as a natural border between India and Bangladesh. You can take a boat ride along the river to get a glimpse of the neighboring country. The ride is not only picturesque but also a reminder of the historical significance of this region.

Taki depicts the perfect example of a rural Indian village. The people are so warm and kind, the food fresh and delicious. Tourism is not only about traveling beyond borders , it’s about traveling to be closer even with geographical borders.

I met a man, he is an English teacher in Kolkata. He has been traveling to Taki for 25+ years on Bijoya Dashami, to meet his friends in Hasnabad. They meet once every year, and the friendship remains strong after 20 years as well.

Taki, with its serene riverfront, historical treasures, and warm-hearted people, offers a retreat to a simpler time. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a traveler seeking moments of serenity, Taki has something to offer everyone. This lesser-known destination in West Bengal is a testament to the hidden gems that await those willing to explore beyond the usual tourist trails. As you depart, you’ll carry with you the memories of Taki’s charm, promising to return for more.



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