As the main draw of The Championships, Wimbledon begins at the All England Club, Emirates explores the more obscure connections of its newest partnership, where the world’s largest international airline meets the world’s oldest tennis tournament, celebrating the iconic collaboration of two globally recognised legacy brands.

Strawberry Skies:

  • Wimbledon is synonymous with strawberries, with 50,000 kilograms of strawberries and 14,900 litres of cream consumed each year at Wimbledon as a refreshing summer treat for those observing the matches.
  • Over the course of a year, Emirates serves 98,000 kilograms of fresh strawberries onboard flights across the globe, often offering customers juicy UAE-grown strawberries from the Emirates-owned world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai– Bustanica.

A Birds Eye View:

  • The historic South London grounds of the All England Club are diligently protected by the famous Rufus, a Harris Hawk, who has been monitoring the Wimbledon courts for the past 10 years and scaring away pesky pigeons every morning during the event. Rufus is a celebrity among Wimbledon fans and even has his own Championships accreditation pass.
  • Emirates is well versed in famous and important birds, and welcomes falcon’s onboard flights in acknowledgement of their historical and cultural significance in the UAE. Some revered falcons have flown in the cabins with customers, and each falcon travels with personalised health certifications and their own passport.

Flower Power:

  • More than 50,000 plants feature across the Wimbledon Grounds each year. The Clubhouse at the All England Club  features the iconic ivy growing on its exterior walls, now a distinctive feature of the Club’s architecture and is often seen in photographs and broadcasts during the event, symbolizing the Club’s long-standing traditions and status. Ivy is often associated with tradition, resilience, and permanence.
  • Emirates always has a fresh purple orchid onboard in the cabins and purchases 1.2 million individual orchids every year. The orchid is symbolically associated with beauty, elegance, and luxury – perfectly reflecting the Emirates onboard experience. Orchids can remain fresh and vibrant for extended periods, making them very suitable flowers for Emirates’ long-haul flights.

Broadcast Behemoth:

  • Wimbledon’s enthralling tennis matches are broadcast on television to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, reaching millions of viewers who tune in to watch the tournament live.
  • Emirates multi award-winning inflight entertainment system ice offers the largest choice of content on any airline in the world. It offers Emirates customers over 2,000 movies and hundreds of TV series, with content licensed in over 50 languages from across the globe.

Sparkling Sips:

  • Wimbledon is known for certain drinks that enhance the event’s atmosphere and spectator experience including the Pimm’s Cup, a gin-based liqueur mixed with lemonade, mint, cucumber, orange, and strawberries; Champagne Lanson – to toast the winners and celebrate; and the quintessentially British drink, a Sipsmith gin and tonic – a popular choice at Wimbledon.
  • Emirates is renowned for its award-winning portfolio of beverages served onboard and in lounges, from globally exclusive prestige Champagnes to Grand Cru Classe wines aged in Emirates own cellar for decades. Emirates also serves Sipsmith gin from the UK onboard, as well as Pimm’s cocktails, and several impressive expressions of Champagne.

Musical Moments:

  • One of the most memorable music moments at Wimbledon was in 1996, when Sir Cliff Richard – an icon of British pop music, was in the crowds watching a match when it began to rain. The match was paused, but the rain continued for hours, and a Wimbledon official had an idea to entertain the crowds with a song from Sir Cliff. A true professional, he entertained the crowds with several hits including ‘Summer Holiday,’ which became such a memorable performance, he was asked for a reprise in 2022.
  • The highly catchy Emirates brand music, known as the Emirates Sonic Branding, was composed in January 2012 by Christian Saglie, a Los Angeles based film composer. Saglie was commissioned to compose Emirates Airline’s official theme music for use in ads, corporate videos, on hold music, live events, and more. The musical journey of the sonic is based on a single theme – a descending 3 notes heard in the beginning, which is repeated and is now synonymous with the Emirates experience.

Tokens of Tennis:

  • Wimbledon fans love to visit the Wimbledon Shop, as they snap up memorabilia and keepsakes of the event. Wimbledon-branded towels like those the tennis players use during play are highly sought after, as well as official Wimbledon clothing such as polo shirts, t-shirts, caps and wristbands. Limited edition items, signed merchandise, and special commemorative pieces celebrating historical moments or players are often in demand among collectors.
  • Emirates merchandise is so popular that Emirates has its own online store and several physical stores that sell everything from luxury luggage collections, sportswear, pilot and cabin crew costumes for children, to luxury First Class blankets, moisturising pyjamas and an exclusive Emirates and Dilmah signature tea blend. Emirates is now also offering bespoke Wimbledon gifts – including the iconic Wimbledon championship towel, complete with Emirates branding.

Tradition and Innovation:

  • Wimbledon, while steeped in tradition with its grass courts and white dress code, has embraced innovations such as the retractable roofs on Centre Court and No.1 Court to ensure play continues despite the unpredictable British weather. The Centre Court roof is now 15 years old and the No.1 Court roof was installed five years ago. The introduction of the roofs has transformed the event, ensuring matches can continue despite weather conditions.
  • Innovation is at the core of Emirates philosophy. From 1985 to 2025, Emirates has been propelled by a desire to innovate – continuously investing in new aircraft, technology and products and services to enhance the ‘fly better’ experience. From 1992, when Emirates was the first airline to install individual television screens in all seats, to 2008 – when it was the first airline to introduce onboard showers and onboard lounges, 2011 – the first airline to introduce onboard Wi-Fi, all the way to 2023 – when Emirates launched the largest aircraft refresh programme in history – a multibillion-dollar investment to elevate customer experience.



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