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It’s time to get into the holiday spirit in Beypore, the ancient port town.

The Kerala government has decided to conduct this years ‘Beypore Water Fest’ from December 24 to 28, 2022 in Kozhikode district. Water sports and entertainment events of various types will be organised.

The second edition of the Beypore International Water Fest will be held at Beypore Marina Beach and Chaliyar River. Arts and cultural programmes will be organized at various places in Beypore as a curtain-raiser to the water fest. All the activities will primarily be organized on the Chaliyar River.

An array of exciting games will be included for the festival, ranging from traditional Kerala boat races to Olympic aquatic events.

The fiesta will also include activities such as kayaking, canoeing, water polo, parasailing, speed boat racing, water skiing, powerboat racing, yacht racing, wooden log racing, and timber rafting.

To up the entertainment quotient of the event, musical programmes, light shows and processions by fishing folk will be organized during the festival.

Kerala’s coastal lines are enriched with pristine untapped natural beauty. This is especially true in Malabar, which has the longest coastal line with potential resources, and has attracted traders and visitors from all over the world. Since time immemorial, it has had a rich heritage of spice/cotton trading and indigenous shipbuilding. Beypore is an ancient port located in northern Kerala and is referred to as the “gem of Malabar” with the perfect blend of natural resources, history, culture, and heritage. The place has vast potential for water adventure activities, especially at the breakwater and clam shore. Understanding this possibility of water adventure activities, the tourism department has initiated the annual Beypore water festival. The first edition of this festival in 2021 hosted around 5 lakh visitors and was a huge success. The festival’s highlights included a month-long series of pre-events, including a sand art festival, cultural programs, flash mobs, cleaning drives, a heritage walk, and cycling. The key attractions were a variety of kayaking competitions, national sailing competition, stand up paddling, dinghy boat race, bamboo rafting competition, Boat parades, flyboard demos, community participation events (boat parades, country boat races, Net throwing, fishing, treasure hunt, and photography competition, etc. The presence of famous sailors like Abhilash Tomy made the event more colourful. The National Kite Festival’s massive animal shapes won the hearts of visitors and became the pride and joy of the festival. Culinary enthusiasts were drawn to the Beypore Water Festival’s food and flea market, which showcased the mouth watering flavours of Calicut. Also, the participation of the Navy and Coast Guard with their warship display, drone flight pass, and band performance fascinated people.

Beypore International Water Fest

 Organized by the Tourism Department and DTPC Kozhikode, this event will be held at Beypore Marina area (11.158806°N, 75.796123°E) and Chaliyam beach (11.15596°N,75.80952°E) from 24 December to 28 December, 2022. II. The curtain raiser event is Green Clean Treasure Hunt River Expedition, in which all kinds of rowing water crafts can take part. III. The fest includes a variety of water sports such as kayaking competitions (K1, K2, K4,T1,T2,T4), country boat competition, stand up paddling, dinghy boat race competition, international sailing regatta, bamboo rafting, dragon boat race, kite surfing competition, international kite championship, surfing competition, sea kayaking, sea rafting, power boat race, jet ski race competition, and various adventure activities. Further demonstrative events such as sand art festival, entertainment exhibition, illuminated cultural float boat parade, various water activities are invited for Beypore International Water Fest 2022.

In addition to water sports, the festival includes pre- events, beach sports and cultural programmes. There will be pavilions for seafood festival, Handicrafts and flea market and for display of various water crafts and other curios. Programmes by Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard will also be a part of the water fest. IV. The sea area of the northern breakwater at Beypore/Chaliyam will be marked using floats and ropes. This area has a width of 400m and length of 1200m. Tranquil waters inside the channel will also be separated and marked for the water festival. This has a width of 120m and length of 1600m. Demonstration and Water Sports items like various kinds of canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, rafting, sailing, yachting, water skiing, kite surfing, Jet Ski and other water sports events will be held in this marked area. Fireworks/laser show will also be held here. V. All the water events will have competitive prize money or Mementos (which may vary from event to event) and certificates.

During the last day of the event there will be a lighted and decorated boat parade. While the fishermen boats compete for prizes, all other boats will parade for demonstration. This can have pontoon type stages with traditional art and cultural displays as well.

Start date: 24-12-2022

End date: 28-12-2022

Venue: Chaliyar River

District: Kozhikode



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